Reminder regarding PA vehicle registration renewals

Apr 12th, 2023

Reminder regarding renewal of PA vehicle registrations.

As of December 31, 2016, you have the option to renew your PA vehicle registrations either by mail or online.  Regardless of how you renew your vehicles registration, you will still receive notification from PENNDOT regarding your upcoming expiration of your vehicles registration via mail.  If you complete the form and mail it into PENNDOT you will still receive a registration card from PENNDOT in the mail.  If you decide to renew your Vehicle Registration online, you will need to print your valid registration document at the end of your transaction.  A registration card will NOT be sent to you in the mail if renewed online. Remember to make sure you print out your new registration card and sign it prior to placing it with your vehicle. Also, you will no longer receive a registration sticker for your vehicle. Registration stickers are no longer required to be displayed on license plates.

If you have further questions regarding vehicle registrations in PA, please click here for more information from PENNDOT: